Monday, August 13, 2007

Walking North of the Motorway

Had the blues coming on pretty strong the last few days. Doesn't make a lot sense. Small things start to cause worries which are far greater than they should be. Never remember being this way before the accident and operations. Took a couple of happy pills to sleep last night.

Anyway best cure is having a long walk and I will leave the politics alone for today. Picked up from the railway station, Ban Thap Chang, I finished at on Saturday and headed north under the Chonburi motorway. The community on both sides, mainly moslem, look quite well established with many traditional wood homes. The klong itself had little boat traffic but this might be because the houses on at least one side have back gates facing onto roads, lanes or tracks. The large house below has both a modern style roof and a traditional one on the section behind. I was looking at some old, 100+ years pictures last night and the only thing that has changed on these roofs is cement sheets in place of thatch.

Far more of the big fishing nets on this klong than most and many were still in use. The balance on them and the lines from the nets make it easy for even a child to control them.

Again I suspect it's mainly the small fish they are after. Below are some being dried next to the canal.

Walked north about 3 kilometers to a temple and just past that the ringroad. Just before the temple another klong joined us. If you look at the picture below, I have just come up from the left side. This gives me a least a couple of more walks to complete gaps between those I have already done. North of the ringroad this klong should join Klong Thap Chang again. The new klong going west should take me back to areas I have already walked in the past. It's a bit never -ending.

The temple complex towards the end of this walk was quite large and had some fairly new temples in it, but also one very old one with a drum and a boat outside the front door. There were new chrome railings around it so I'm not sure what plans they have for it. Below are pictures of a new section and the old temple.

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