Sunday, August 12, 2007

Football Season Started Yesterday

The British season kicked off yesterday. My team, Charlton Athletic, were relegated from the Premier League to the Championship last season. This is from the old 1st. Division to the old 2nd. Division. I knew I wouldn't get any TV coverage of the games this year but I was expecting to get the BBC radio commentary through the club website.

Alas, not to be as the Football League has the web broadcast rights and charges for it. The BBC is not allowed to have its programs charged for so instead nothing. I sat last night looking at web page updating with text commentary of the game. One-one, not what was hoped for but not a disaster.

As a kid I would go to the club's ground, the Valley, and watch them. Then a long gap through young to early middle-age where I didn't. Now, again I follow them. During that gap if asked I would still say they were my team. It's a tribal thing. I like tribes, but I like them based on small groups rather than large ones like nations. The smaller the better, the less harm they can do.

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