Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another Klong and a Railway Station

Worked until 3:30 PM then walked locally to 5:00 PM. It was a short walk east along Klong Prawet Burirom, then cross-country, well cross a building area, to a side canal coming off Klong Thap Chang that I saw on the last Wednesday. Followed this klong as far as the railway line and Ban Thap Chang railway station, then back home.

I haven't said how pretty some of the homes on the klongs are. The house below has beautiful pot plants along the pathway.

Below is a traditional styled Thai house with boat access. When I first came to Bangkok I lived in a house with a roof like this and it was a lot cooler than the cement house I now live in.

I reached the small side canal about 200 meters down from Klong Thap Chang and followed it north-west to the railway and Chonburi motorway. The klong then heads north but that will be left for another day. The man below was doing well with the small net and bucket full of the small fish you can see in the net.

A train was just arriving at Ban Thap Chang station and below you can see it with the new airport skytrain station being built above it. You would get to the airport in about 10 minutes from here.

While looking at the train from the bridge over the klong, behind me a man was carrying singing bird cages across the railway to hang by the wall. Keeping the birds together makes them sing I think.

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