Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Traditional Thai House Pictures

The house I photographed earlier today did get me thinking about the roofs of these traditional Thai houses. I suspect that thatch would have been the usual choice of material in the past. Below is actually a house-boat from about 110 years ago but the roof shape is traditional and the material is thatch of some type.

The square tiles would date back to at least the 50s I think. This house obviously pre-dates the housing estate it is in by quite a few years and it has access to the klong.

Temples and palaces use these small coloured tiles and I remember reading about how the government's Fine Arts Department has a facilty to produce them for restoration work.

The more modern material is corrugated sheeting, usually of a ceramic or cement material. The first Bangkok house I lived in had a roof like this one below, but without the colour, more of a gray.

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