Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picking up from yesterday

I wanted to fill in the gap between the walks from yesterday and last week. Drove back to the temple I reached yesterday and parked there. I still don't know this temple's name or the name of the small klong I've been walking. Not much to say about the walk as it's mainly rural. In the map below you can see the temple. From there it's north under the Bangkok Ring Road. There was another small klong heading north but I followed the klong to the right. Walked to the end where it joins Klong Thap Chang and turned south to where Klong Buang Kwang joins it. That completes the loop so walked back to the temple.

Below is the the beginning of a new (to me) canal heading north. Maybe another day. I went to the right here.

A bit of natural history seen today. The storks below, (I think they are Asian Open Bill Storks), are regular annual visitors. I heard they like the apple snails, an introduced species whose population just exploded here. Just looked in Wikipedia and they say they are of American origin and were first introduced into Taiwan and spread from there. They were meant to be a human protein source but it seems not many like the taste. I rarely see anyone collecting them except for fishing bait. They seem to be spreading rapidly and their red egg sacs are often visible attached to reeds or plants. Hopefully the storks will keep them under control.

Below, the base of the tree trunk looks more like it belongs in an Amazon jungle. I wonder if that's and introduced species as well.

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