Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finished Yesterday's Walk

Finished the un-walked section from yesterday. (The blue line on yesterday's map.) I started from the southern end and reached the large school in just over half an hour. This are has lots of klongs crossing the open land so many branches off the path I walked. Below is a picture of Klong Wang Yai which was going west from the klong I was on.

A lot of empty land either side of this klong. I don't really understand why land is so expensive in Bangkok when there is so much land undeveloped. In the UK there is a reason because of the regulations and Green Belt policy, but here there isn't this sort of reason.

Not much of interest on this walk. Some fairly rough and recent shacks on the canal side and not much that looked like old communities. There was a plastic Garfield in the water though.

Here is the school at the end of both today's and yesterday's walk.

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