Sunday, August 12, 2007

A lazy 2 hour Sunday afternoon walk on Klong Prakhanong between Soi 39 and 25 and back. Parked the pickup where I had a couple of days ago and walked west until the pathway run out. Monday is a holiday this week so the busy klong was fairly quiet. More than a few of the local residents were doing some very relaxed rod and line fishing. It is more for the sport I'm sure, although anything caught will end up in the post. If they were serious fishermen they would throwing nets out.

Lots of religious places on the klong as with everywhere in Thailand. Below is nice mix of mosque, temple and Chinese temple. The temple below had some clever mosaic work on it.

This mosque, Masjid Al Kubror, had a fairly modern look to it.

And this small Chinese style temple'e entrance was onto the klong and was certainly colourful with some ceramic tiles telling a story I guess.

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