Friday, August 10, 2007

Klong Prakhanong

I missed writing yesterday and only had a short walk. Today I will blog but skip the walk. I have to get a travel agent's website finished. Yesterday's walk lasted about half an hour but it took twice as long driving to and from a point to start and end the walk.

I can walk the main klong, Klong Prawet Burirom, west for about 45 minutes until the pathways run out on both sides. This is about a kilometer before Srinakarin Road crosses the klong. Yesterday I drove to pick up the klong on the other side of this road. I found a parking place about 500 meters past the road bridge and walked back to the bridge from there.

I didn't know before but the klong changes name at this bridge and becomes Klong Prakhanong. It also becomes far busier with fast long-tailed ferries zipping up up and down. By the time I got there it was the end of the school day and boats were queuing up to load kids onboard and take them home. Teachers were keeping the kids under control. See below as another 60 or so are about to go home. That's a mosque behind the kids. I will try and do the walk westwards over the weekend. Maybe it will be less busy then.

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