Sunday, August 26, 2007

Klong Song Hong

Hadn't walked for the last two days so made up for it with a 7.7 km walk today. For the first time walked south of Onnut Road. For two sections of the walk I had to leave the klong as the pathway run out. By the time it ended I had totally lost any sense of direction and though I had reached another main road rather than looping back to Onnut. On the map below the walk is shown with the red dots and I started from the little tail heading to the east.

First went a short distance east on the large Klong Prawet Burirom and then south on a small klong called Song Hong. The pathway stopped a couple of hundred meters short of Onnut Road at a sharp dogleg in the klong, but there was an alley that took me up to Onnut Road. Usually I'm lucky as the pathways tend to go under main roads but this time I had get across Onnut which was busy even on a Sunday. Found an entrance by the bridge to get back onto the klong and headed south.
500 meters along the klong split with the path hugging the right hand klong. In between the two sections was a massive Bangkok council yard for their rubbish collection trucks. You can see this in the photo below. Looked like all the trucks were parked up on a Sunday afternoon. Just in front of the office building was 20 foot stack of rear axels and differentials so I guess they take a beating in normal use. Next time I will get a shot of these.

Klong Song Hong

Followed this klong for about half an hour through fairly un-built on land with a few ponds open for Sunday anglers. When the path stopped there was another alley through a small community onto a lane that took me back to Onnut. Crossed back over Onnut and then turned right onto Pattanakarn Road where I could get back on Klong Prawet Burirom and then back home.

Unusual site on the big canal today was a large dead monitor lizard over a meter long. Seen a few dead dogs and some very large dead fish before but this was a first. Stunk a bit so didn't hang around.

Saturday was a good football day. My team Charlton played badly in the first 45 minutes and went into the break losing two-nil but came out in the second half to win three-two. Maybe things are getting better.

Dead Monitor Lizard

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