Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More on Klong Song Hong

Yesterday was the usual busy Monday so no walk and no blog. Today a bit better as I had to drive the accountant over to Srinakarin Road and I carried on so as to pick up Klong Song Hong further south and walk back to where I left it on Sunday. (This was where the canal split and I had to go with the right, western klong.) See the map below.

It was a 2 kilometer walk down to the southern wall of the rubbish collection vehicle depot. I had seen the northern end on Sunday. There was a few hundred meters between the two points without a walkway. The picture below shows the end of this path.

Pathway on Klong Song Hong

On the right, east, of the klong were Bangkok Metropolitan Authority facilities around the Onnut landfill including the incinerator. Two of the three smoke stacks are visible below.

Onnut Road, Bangkok, incinerator

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