Sunday, May 26, 2013

Still Here

I hope to bring to this blog some of the articles I write for the monthly Pattaya Trader magazine. I still visit the canals, but not as often as I used to. I'm more often than not going back to places I visited before.

As for my football team Charlton Athletic, they had a good season in the Championship, (the old Second Division where they spent most of my childhood), after their record breaking winning of League One, (the old Third Division), the previous season. In Chris Powell they have not only a young ambitious manager and one of the few black football managers in the English game, they also have an ex-player who was deservedly a crowd favourite and still does have a fantastic relationship with the crowd.

The one problem Charlton have is with their rather secret and hidden ownership and that so many of the old guard in the club's administration have left. Forgetting this, we can still dream of promotion to the Premiership. My local satellite TV provider has lost Premiership football broadcasting this coming season, maybe they will get the Championship. We can live in hope.