Monday, August 20, 2007

Crap Days

Yesterday and today aren't that great. No walks and today especially, no energy. Took a couple of pills to sleep last night, woke up with my arm feeling like it was on fire so took a couple more. Not so great today.

Sunday was really upset with some long-distance interference in our life here by some upcountry religious idiot. Got really heated and I jumped in the pickup and went for a drive. Got a bit Jesse Gump then, kept on driving. Started going east, then northeast then decided northwest and north. Thought I might drive all the way to Chiang Mai and sleep the morning in the mountains.

Sense kicked in and turned back after dinner in Tesco-Lotus supermarket at Lopburi. Cost of fuel was becoming embarrassing and I had better get it in for a service before I really do it. Still did a 500km round trip. Pretty sure I could do Chiang Mai in one go while still keeping the speed and under 100 kph.

Having written this I just decided to go out for a walk. Must be feeling better.

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