Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Filling in the Loop

A gray day and full of cold and again wasn't going to do much today, but it became a choice of working or walking. Filled in the loop by walking from the southern beginning of Klong Thap Chang north to where I reached via Klong Mae Chan. I think there and back was about 5 kilometers. Parked at the temple Wat Krathum Sueapla and turned onto the klong from the big Klong Prawet Burirom. (I will figure out how to put Google Maps on here soon.)

The first part of the walk was through a small community with a school on the klong then had to cross to the other side as a new housing estate had no walkway or access to the canal. See the photo above. It's a shame really, but I guess they worry about security and keeping the riff-raff out. Still their loss, they could have had a commuter boat ride to miss the traffic.

In the distance you can see the new airport skytrain under construction. Here I crossed the railway and went under the Chonburi motorway. Again, once you go north of the motorway, it starts to get quite rural. Further along the klong goes under the Bangkok Ring Road and the builders had destroyed the pathway. Detoured through some muddy tracks and picked the klong up again.

For about 10 meters the path was covered in large red ants and their eggs. Either the rain had knocked the nest down from the bamboo above or some of the kids had raided it for either fishing bait or for the eating, the eggs being a delicacy. Robert Ruark, a Hemingway like writer, described the African honey badger as the most aggressive animal he knew. Seeing it on Animal Planet I could understand his view; although saying it was like a woman as it went straight for a man's balls might not be totally true.

I think he never run into the tropical red ant as, to borrow a boxing term, they are pound for pound the most aggressive animal going. Even though you are walking on top of them some will still get up on your legs to bite. First time I stopped and picked off three biting my socks. Coming back I did that stretch of path at a canter and only had to pick off one.

Anyway filled in the loop but this should be the last of my long distance walks for now. I will stay more local and less rural for a while.

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