Saturday, August 4, 2007

Maggie Thatcher

First thought on today's walk was about Maggie Thatcher. Don't know why this came up.

The only thing I think I ever liked about Maggie was she thought she was as good as any royalty, including the queen. I have never been very fond of the Windsors, (really the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas). Queen Victoria's grandchildren fighting like spoiled kids, led to the millions who died in WW1 and we should have got rid of them. Even if most people don't want a republic, we could at least change dynasties and get a better crowd in. We have done it in the past.

Anyway back to Maggie. I think she always wanted to be compared with Churchill or the first Elizabeth, but looking back she was more like Henry VIII without the balls. He, after moaning about Rome, was crazy enough to walk out and start his own religion which has been the cause of so much grief later. Maggie was either not crazy enough or lacked the courage to walk out of the EU, thank god!

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