Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two Walks - Two Days

Have been walking but not blogging. Walked 4 kilometers on the southern side of Onnut road on Wednesday and 6 kilometers on an often done walk to Wat Krathum Sueapla today. I will give more detail another day, maybe the weekend but here are few visual tasters.

Below is a real Bangkok floating market. The fruit and vegetable seller was stopping off at most of the klong-side houses.

Real Floating Market

The rubbish truck depot with the stack of rear axles and differentials I mentioned on Sunday. I took this photo after driving into the landfill area and from the road bridge over Klong Song Hong into the depot.

Rubbish Trucks

The two smoking stacks in Tuesday's photo actually belong to a medical waste incinerator.

Medical Incinerator

The other stack hasn't been used for a while. I do vaguely remember a pilot waste incinerator project from quite a few years back. From the web it sounds like not incinerating is a good thing for the environment.

Unused Incinerator
And finally a gold frog with golden coin in its mouth from Wat Krathum Sueapla. There must be a story about this somewhere.

Gold Frog

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