Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Walking in the Rain

Yesterday afternoon got caught in a good tropical squall. For half an hour it came down in buckets. More rain in bigger drops that I can ever remember in England. I stayed under a bridge for a while but then decided to walk a bit. The big difference to back home is the rain is not cold. Hoping my shoes will dry out some time today.

Added a "Favourite Authors" section on left. I think it's a bloggy thing to do. I was searching out an old book today and then trying to track the author's latest book via the net. Bit of waste as he hasn't published anything since 1989. This was Anthony Price. So I added Graham Greene and John le Carre, (sorry no accent), to Anthony Price.

Why these three? Well Graham Greene as being simply the best story-teller from the UK since the war. Le Carre as he seems like the natural successor to Greene and I'm enjoying his move to the left as he gets older. A bit like Tony Benn in politics. And Anthony Price because once picked up, I could never put a book of his down.

Strange as I have nothing in common with any of these guys. They were all public school boys and relatively well off.

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