Thursday, August 16, 2007

Football Again

Should really have gone in yesterday's post but my team, Charlton, beat Swindon 2-0 in a cup game on Tuesday night. Swindon are a division below us so it would have been a "giant killing" if they had won, but Charlton are known to stumble against weaker opposition.

It's a bit too hard to follow them this year with no radio or TV coverage out here, and evening matches are always far too late to stay up for. Rumours are out again about a take-over of the club with Middle or Far East interests involved. Will have to wait and see.

I do hope we have a good season. We should because for once we are the big fish in a small pond. We have the most expensive squad in the division and it should be the most skilful also. A bit like the Chelsea of the Championship.

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