Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Mountbattens

Heard a bit on the radio the other day that Mountbatten's daughter, (the family name is actually German, Battenberg), was writing a book about the time she was India during independence and the partition. Seeing that I was attacking Tariq Ali, the Bhuttos and rich Pakistani families the other day, maybe another look at how this single religion state came about is order.

Mountbatten must have been just about the worst choice to have as the last governor of the British Raj. This was Attlee's mistake and was partly to blame for the up to a million butchered during the partition. Churchill seemed to like having Mountbatten a fair distance away and it does seem he was behind not allowing the royal family's name to become Mountbatten.

Anyway Jinnah must have been thinking, what's the use of negotiating with this Englishmen while the Englishman's wife is screwing his Hindu rival, Nehru. Mountbattens, Windsors, Battenbergs and Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, we would be better off without them.

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