Friday, August 3, 2007

Busy Day

Didn't get outside at all. Bit of a pain but it was busy. We had 3 notebooks going out and they needed loading with software. The distributors pre-load Linux because it's free but the customers need Windows. Put in XP Home, drivers, Open Office and the Open Office Thai language pack. Updated Windows online and had to find some more drivers. These notebooks made by BENQ, which used to be part of Acer, came with just Vista drivers. Two of the drivers didn't really want to work with XP.

I was going to show some pictures of the boats on the klongs but maybe leave that for another, less busy day. OK just one then. This is a very small longtailed boat. Longtailed because of the long prop shaft. The whole engine, drive shaft and handle pivot on a single point and the balance is such that little effort is needed to lift the prop over vegetation or to steer the boat.

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