Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Short Sunday Walk

The weekends I can get quicker access to the klong by going through the school playground. I don't like doing this in the week as I'm sure the teachers have enough problems keeping the kids attention. I had to make a delivery this morning and wasn't going to take a walk but changed my mind and took a short 45 minute break.

There is a large footbridge by the school's back entrance and I crossed the klong there and turned right. The photo above shows the view south from the footbridge. I walked through the community on the left bank to the road bridge you can just make out in the distance. From there I came back down through the housing estate roads. I took this picture a couple of weeks ago. If I took it today you would see almost every house had there washing out to dry. Sundays must be washing days I guess.
Today's thought is Peter Mandelson, not a very pleasant one either. I have the 2001 Herbert Morrison biography by Donoughue and Jones with Mandelson's forward. He tries to link himself, Blair and New Labour with his grandfather Morrison. Yes, Morrison was on the right of the party but he still thought of himself as a socialist. He had a very working class upbringing and really not much in common with the Mandelsons and Blairs.
If you want to compare Morrison with a present politician look no further than Ken Livingstone. Both have the ability to organize, administer and delegate. Both have had the chance to run London. It is a shame that Ken never had a cabinet job, but lucky for London.

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