Saturday, August 4, 2007

Klong Mae Chan and Beyond

Drove north of the Chonburi motorway to park at the Daru Muhim Min Mosque to pick up the walk going north where I had left it Thursday. The mosque took a bit of finding but when I came back I found an easy route home. This klong was becoming more rural. Although still inside Bangkok province the land on either side of the canal was mainly fish farms. I suspect at one time this was rice paddy but selling the dirt to fill in other land for housing estates was common a few years ago. Found the guy below fishing with a large net for small fish. I think they will be dried to be eaten later.

While watching the fishing, a longtailed boat came along calling for old bottles and cans. An old man from one house had a bag full. See below.

Further along there was a depot for all the recycled goods with another boat moored.
Reached the end of Klong Mae Chan, crossed over Klong Buang Kwang which it joined and turned east. After a couple kilometers a lady outside a house said that the footpath on that side run out a bit further along so I should use the other side. Turned around and headed west past where I had joined this path. This klong then ends at Klong Thap Chang Bon which is quite large. I went south for a while and then decided to call it a day and retraced my steps.
Another bit on longtailed boats, this shot shows the engine mounted on a single point. This medium sized boat has a large engine so can probably get to a decent speed.

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