Monday, September 3, 2007

Walk to Wat Yang

Did the walk I looked at yesterday when driving up Onnut Road. I parked the truck a fair distance from Klong Prakhanong on Soi (Thai for lane) 17 and walked up to the bridge to get onto the pathway.

From the Soi 17 bridge looking west there are no signs of any more footpaths, see picture below. There might be something between Sukhumvit Road and the river and I hope to get over there soon.

Klong Phrakanong looking west

Walked to where the two ladies run the cross-klong ferry service at Wat Yang, it was further than I thought. I couldn't do the last bit between the two temples as there was a low gate on the walkway that looked like it kept some dogs penned in. I didn't bother going the last few hundred meters.

This area seems to be the oldest part I have visited which makes sense as Bangkok would have developed outwards from the river. It seemed Buddhist rather than Moslem so the dog count went up along with their mess. Next to Wat Yang was a very old house that looked original. The small tiles on the roof are not usually seen on other than temples and palaces.

Old House on Klong Phrakanong

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