Saturday, September 15, 2007

Needed badly to get some exercise. Now when I don't walk off some inches from around my stomach it physically hurts so I have an extra incentive, walk or pain-killers. I walked the rest of Klong Banma so I know the entire lenth from Klong Prawet Burirom to Klong Saen Saeb is walkable except for the first 200 meters at the southern end. The red dots show today's walk and the blue dots previous walks.

This part of Klong Banma doesn't have much going for it. No old communities on it, just more recent ones. There are new (less than 30 years old) housing estates mainly walled off from the klong and more recent very basic homes of rural migrants. Neither of these groups would produce votes for city hall if the upkeep of the canal footpaths were better. The housing estates because they don't use the canal and the migrants because they can't vote in Bangkok. Hence the footpaths are pretty bad. (I think if I were in city hall I would try and sign up all the rural migrants onto the voting list. Tammany Hall style for sure.)
I had to backtrack two times, the first one adding a good 15 minutes to the walk, because of the footpath condition. Below a section has dropped into the water.

Klong Banma Broken Footpath

Below the footpath just runs out before the bridge. Usually you find some sort of access to the bank but here I had to backup a hundred meters and finda path on land.

Klong Banma Footpath ends

It was a rather depressing walk until I came upon this water feature and sala at the back of an apartment house. The water bubbles down the rocks to the two imitation storks below. They have made a fine back garden for the apartment dwellers here.

Klong Banma Water Feature

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