Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Quick Peep at Klong Saen Saeb

A very quick visit to Klong Saen Saeb today and a walk of less than a kilometer. I hadn't intended going over to this klong anytime soon, but I haven't had a walk for 3 days. I didn't really have that much time today but my legs were feeling stiff and I wanted to get out.

Klong Saen Saeb is the other canal that joins the Chao Phraya and Ban Pakong rivers together. It is older, by about 50 years, busier and bigger than my local Klong Prawet Burirom. I drove along the service road of the Bangkok Ring Road past the area I have been walking and turned left onto Ramkhamhaeng Road heading into town and the Bangkapi shopping area. I stopped at the bridge over a small canal called Klong Ban Ma. To the south there was a footpath which I will walk another day. To the north a path a few hundred meters long as far as the large Klong Saen Saeb.

Klong Ban Ma looking towards Klong Saen Saeb from Ramkhamhaeng Road
Klong Ban Ma

At the junction with Klong Saen Saeb I couldn't see any footpaths along the sides towards Bangkapi so there might be no walks in that direction. Behind me there was a path heading east so that will also be another day's walk. There wasn't any traffic on the klong but this might be because I got there in the early afternoon before school and work ended. Next time I will get into the history of this canal a bit.

Klong Saen Saeb looking west towards Bangkapi
Klong Saen Saeb

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