Sunday, September 2, 2007

Last Wednesday Walk and Drive

Now catching up with the walks on Wednesday and Thursday. Since then it has been Friday off and Saturday and Sunday driving. I will do this day back to front and talk about the drive around the landfill site and Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) waste collection depot first before the walk I did before it.

The drive into the landfill and BMA depot area is probably unusual unless you are working there. Small scale industry has set up in this area recycling trash coming in. Very little plastic can make it into the landfill as even the plastic bags are washed and dried to be turned into more plastic bags I guess. The small klong, Klong Wat Krathum Sueapla, that goes to the north from the landfill is polluted, being black and smelly. It joins Klong Prawet Burirom next to the temple, Wat Krathum Burirom. The two smoking stacks I had seen earlier in the week were part of the medical waste incinerator. The third stack looks like it's part of an abandoned incinerator. There is no pathway along Klong Song Hong next to the rubbish truck depot so this section can't be walked.

The walk earlier had been from the other side of the Bangkok Ring Road back to where I had started the Klong Song Hong walk previously. I did get the picture of the grocery boat along this walk. The canal's name started as Klong Takhe Khop but it became Klong Song Hong partway along. The blue dots on the map below show the walk. Klong Takhe Khop actually does a right turn to the south at ends just under the road.

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