Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday's Walk

I printed satellite pictures of two possible walks before getting in the truck. I used neither as I stopped before getting to them because it looked interesing at another point. I accessed Klong Saen Saeb via a short piece of footpath along Klong Lo Lae. This is closer to Minburi than Bangkapi in Bangkok and to the east of the Bangkok Ringroad. In the map below the red dots show the walk.

The main canal is wider than our local Klong Prawet Burirom at least as far as the watergate just before Minburi. After that it does narrow by about a half. I walked east but the path run out before the watergate. Turned and went as far west as the path on the southern bank goes. This was opposite a mosque and there was a bit more footpath on that bank but now way of getting there easily. Not much to report on this walk as it was quiet and not many people were about.

Looking east towards the watergate from the eastern end of the footpath
Klong Saen Saeb looking East

Looking west towards the ring road from the western end of the footpath
Klong Saen Saeb looking West

After I drove to the other side of the watergate and parked at Wat Bumpennua. The bridge crossing the canal is unusual and very Chinese looking.

Bridge over the Klong Saen Saeb at Wat Bumpennua
Wat Bumpennua Bridge

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