Sunday, September 16, 2007

Klong Lam Sali Walk

Although only a couple of kilometres away today's walk was totally different and far more upbeat than yesterday's. The community by the mosque on Klong Lam Sali where Krungthep Kritha Road crosses has been there a fair amount of time. With well built foot bridges and small shops on the side it was almost like Venice.

I walked up and down this canal, to and from the railway line and east until the footpath stopped at the road opposite the Krungthep Kritha Golf Course. About 5 kilometres in total. I will mark this area on a map soon as I can find some more walks heading north towards Klong Saen Saeb from here.

Klong Lam Sali

Below was a very fashionable Moslem lady in a light purple trouser suit. I couldn't catch up to get a closer photo.

Klong Lam Sali

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