Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Real King of Britain

Rupert Murdoch's first royal visit to the UK

The problem with monarchs is we don't get to elect them and changing them can be quite a bloody business. I do think that as a majority in the UK would keep the monarchy, a compromise with republican sentiments would be to elect a monarch with some sort of recall if the enough signed a petition. Surely there must be better than Charles and Diana's two boys to come.

In the 15th. Century Wikipedia refers to the real ruler of England being Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick, also know as the Kingmaker. Today's Kingmaker must be Rupert Murdoch. UK politicians beg his support. His power over the media is overwhelming. In 1992, using the Sun newspaper, he kept the Tories in power. Blair considered he had to make deals with Murdoch to win his election. Gordon Brown's spin doctors must live in fear of him backing Cameron.

But Murdoch is not even British. He was born Australian but because US laws forbid non-US nationals owning the media he became American. He is credited, and credits himself I suspect, in keeping Britain out of the Euro. How can we let this un-elected man have so much power.

Of course there is a long history of foreign press barons in the UK, from Beaverbrook to Conrad Black. Brown's people must be worried what way the Sun will lean. In a close election it will make the difference and like a poor maid who has given up her virginity what else has Gordon got to offer Murdoch.

Might be time to look back in history. The Earl of Warwick finally got his on the battlefield. Maybe Gordon Brown can take on Rupert Murdoch before he gets to pick another king. Push some US style laws through parliament and limit how much media a man or company can own. Take away his newspapers or television companies. Send his son packing. Get in first Gordon because Rupert is probably planning on doing it to you.

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