Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nothing Nice To Say

I was so hopeful I had something nice to say about Gordon Brown and his darling Darling. I almost did a post yesterday saying they were taking a principled stand and nationalizing Northern Rock. At least that way the taxpayer's money wasn't just cheap finance to some fat cat.

Instead he was on a plane to China along with Richard Branson. Today the BBC website says that Branson is confident he will get his hands on Northern Rock. Doesn't even need smoky rooms now, just a champagne junket to China.

Wouldn't it be good if instead of helping the likes of Branson it was the nurses who got the money. One of the boy Milibands says to the Fabian Society that Labour needs to show it's excited about a serving a fourth term in order to get elected. Well it might take a bit socialism to do that.

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