Saturday, January 19, 2008

An evening walk by Suvarnabhumi Airport

I did two trips to the Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday and on the first spied a long pathway on a wide canal that skirts the western edge of the airport. I decided that after the second trip I would walk a part of it. The problem was I didn't have a chance to do it until 5:45 PM. If you have never lived in the tropics then you wouldn't realize that dusk and dawn are relatively short periods here. One minute it's light and the next it's dark, and vice-versa.

Evening by the Airport 1
Looking south along the canal and getting dark

I'm not sure whether this is a canal dug to drain the airport area before its construction or one of the much older canals draining the eastern suburbs into the Samut Prakan Chao Prya River estuary. I could only walk about 20 minutes in daylight to the south before turning back and apart from the new airport there wasn't a lot of interest. There were some boys fishing with large cast nets and I was surprised to see large frogs, about 6 inches nose to tail, being reared in net pens in the klong.

Evening by the Airport 2
FedEx aircraft at the cargo terminal

The western side of the airport is the cargo area and one of the runways. Planes were taking off over me every few minutes so it's certainly busy. One last photo below. I'm not sure if I will do the whole walk on this canal as I think I have a few more interesting walks still to do.

Evening by the Airport 3
Looking across to the airport

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