Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Sundays east of the airport

If you follow the small road, Lat Krabang Soi 54, from Onnut Road it becomes a much larger new dual carriageway and you will find Wat Hua Khoo on the right side at a junction of two canals. Outside the temple is a good place to park and skirting the temple walls to the south will allow you to access a walkway along one of the canals. Along this canal, and sorry as I have no names for the klongs in this area, you will find a number of other paths on side canals.

Although very close to the new Bangkok airport, because we were walking parallel with the runways there was hardly any aircraft noise. This are is still very rural with ponds for raising fish and a vegetable grown in water that usually ends up in soups. The klongs are used for transport but it is fairly thinly populated out here. The walks shown on the Google Earth graphic below add up to about 16 kilometres.

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