Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to football and walking

Over the last year I haven't posted either about my football team or walking along the Bangkok klongs. The football was because it was such a horrible season from the beginning and the walking because I did fewer and spent too much time on UK politics.

Well I have still kept up walking new klongs although far from regularly but the next post will cover the last two Sundays east of the new Bangkok airport. With football Charlton are having a great start to the season so I will start posting results again.


Jakartass said...

Welcome back to what was always interesting about your blog, Les.

Railing against 'Labour' wasn't very, erm, regional. Besides, whoever you vote for, the government gets in.

And isn't great to be an Addick?

Les Abbey said...

Thanks Jakartass. Back to football because we are winning and I'm a true plastic;-) Back to walking because I'm getting so fat. And moved my ranting against the Blairites to

I am lucky in a way in that I wasn't in the UK when Pardew played for us, so I wasn't that upset when he went.