Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flowers in the Klong

Haven't walked or blogged for a while. Set out this Sunday morning at 7:10 AM. A usual walk north along Klong Banma over the railway and under the motorway. Went on a side canal running to the west and off on a lane I haven't been before. Someone is building a traditional Thai style house (complex) which looks like a palace with lots of smaller buildings joined by walkways. I will get a picture when they finish it.

On one section an area of water hyacinths allowed to grow off the main channel was in bloom and you can see how they get their name with their mauve flowers. Of course they are an invasive species from South America and are not good for native plants and are also a sign of pollution, but it is nice to see their flowers;-)

Further along was a tall flowering plant in blue and white in the mud of the klong bank. I think it was a wild ginger or heliconia, but I haven't seen it before. I tried to dig out a section with my stick to bring back but it was too deep. I might take a small spade with me next time I go.

Some of the moslem community were getting ready for a wedding lunch and loud music led the way. Tables and chairs were ready under a long open tent and people were already turning up in their best clothes. Isuspect some might be arriving by boat later.

Returned home after an hour and forty minutes so not a bad walk.

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