Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Does Virgin call Alistair Darling Darling?

Sorry about the Black Adder title. With Darling about to finance a Richard Branson takeover of Northern Rock by allowing a long and not guaranteed payback of the tax money put in, they certainly should. The love affair between new labour and the rich becomes clearer every day.

I heard cabinet member Tony McNulty on Radio 4's Any Questions allowing blame on the missing data CDs to be put on a generic "post". He must know that most people would be blaming the Post Office and not a private courier company like TNT who could well be to blame. On top of that we hear that the reason the data wasn't cleaned of personal details was because the department didn't want to pay Ross Perot's EDS to do it.

How many contracts with private companies are there that should be done by the public sector?

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