Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Labour - Militant with Money!

If I lived in the UK it would probably be back in my old home in the Erith and Thamesmead constituency. Right now I would really be pissed off as the New Labour leadership tries to fix the selection of the next Labour candidate against the wishes of the local Labour members.
First the London party takes away control of the selection from the local party and declares it an all women shortlist. Then the Blairites drop in the 22 year old daughter of Blair advisor, millionaire and now Baron Philip Gould with unlimited money to spend. So it looks like Erith will get the Hon. Georgia Gould as their Labour candidate.
If the leaders of Militant have anything on their consciences it should be that they opened the door to the most undemocratic faction in the Labour Party's history, New Labour.

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