Tuesday, March 17, 2009

12 Years Too Late!

Gordon Brown, quoted on the BBC website says the following. "Laissez-faire has had its day. People on the centre-left and the progressive agenda should be confident enough to say that the old idea that the markets were efficient and could work things out by themselves are gone."

Unfortunately this statements negates the economic policy that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown came in with 12 years ago and followed until the banking system crashed. They worshipped Thatcher's policies and now Brown is going to lead the Labour Party into its biggest defeat since the 1931 post-MacDonald election.

If there really are 120 Labour MPs who are willing to go against the New Labour leadership in support of the Post Office workers then now is the time to be looking at a leadership election that will allow all the party to have a say. Otherwise it's just posturing like Peter Hain and Harriet Harman have been doing. Labour needs a caretaker leader to clean out those who turned their backs on the basic principles of the party. There must be one moderate MP who is not beholden to the Blairites surely.

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