Friday, April 4, 2008

Sins of the Fathers

So Max Mosley is the son of Oswald Mosley. I didn't know that. I could have looked it up on Wikipedia as it's there.

For those who don't know, Max Mosley is president of something called the FIA which governs Formula 1 motor racing and other motor racing competitions. Oswald Mosley was of course the head of the pre and post WW2 fascist party in Britain. He was married to one of the Mitford sisters. Both of Max's parents were from the British aristocracy and friends of the rich and famous, including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Max was bought up in the world of public (UK private) schools and Oxbridge universities.

I thought at first it was just my ignorance in not associating Max with his father. The two people I called after I found out also did not know, although they had seen Max's name in the papers many times and knew what he did. They were sensible people who usually have a better knowledge of current affairs than me.

We only found out because one of Murdoch's UK papers discovered a sex scandal involving Max Mosley, some prostitutes and Nazi uniforms. The paper, News of the World, is an embarrassment, with years of titillating the public on Sunday with sex scandals.

We shouldn't blame a son for the sins of his parents. That isn't fair. But if, say Ronnie Bigg's son became head of the FA how often would the papers be able to resist printing, "Joe Biggs, son of the Great Train Robber". Most that follow UK sport probably know that snooker player Ronnie O'Sullivan's father is in prison for murder. So how come myself and the next two people I telephoned didn't know about Max Mosley.

On top of all this Max was, as a young man at least, and maybe still is a fascist. He went out on the streets campaigning for them. So why isn't it general public knowledge.? Usually I try to avoid conspiracy theories, but to me it looks like the old school tie and aristocrat networks at work.

What scares me about this is we could well have both an old Etonian London Mayor and a Tory cabinet filled with 'chaps' from the leading public schools in the near future. Everything will be decided behind closed doors and corruption will be on par with a banana republic. Don't trust these people.


Anonymous said...

You are taking life much too seriously. Of course the world is run by aristocrats with old school ties and funny handshakes.
That's the way it is.
The way around it is to not give a shit, and maybe learn a funny handshake or two.

Les Abbey said...

Hello Amous,

You are probably right. It's just I've been reading a Max Arthur book called Last Post which is the last half-a-dozen WW1 British veterans talking about the horrors of that war; which was all about a bunch of Victoria's grandsons falling out.

Then I read on Wikipedia that after the war Oswald Mosley and his wife, both unrepentantly pro-Nazi, live in France and were good friends of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

Also on Wikipedia it says that it was Churchill's friendship with the Mitfords that gets the Mosleys out of internment. I had thought it was Morrison due Mosley being an ex-Labour cabinet member.

I do suspect our society evolves on a 3 steps forward 2 back format but I'm scared we are about to get on those 2 going back.