Sunday, March 9, 2008

Klong Bueng Khwang

This weekend I finished most of the top end Klong Song Ton Nun and walked a large part of Klong Bueng Khwang. (I guess that seeing as I don't put a "h" in klong I shouldn't put it in Khwang either but I will go with the spelling on Google Earth for now.)

These were longish hour-and-a-half walks through almost entirely Moslem rural communities. The growing of grass turf was something I hadn't noticed before and I got some good pictures of this farming. The pathways were in fairly good condition and clean although one area I found where there obviously was not too much human traffic had become a good perch for the little brown herons. I have never seen so many together and their guano is far better than the dog mess I find in other areas.

Click on the map to see update of Rom Klao area walks

Can you see the 3 brown herons?

Growing grass turf near the klong
Grass Cultivation near Klong Song Ton Nun

You can see why they are called water hyacinths
Klong Beung Khwang 011

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