Friday, February 22, 2008

Life on Mars

I have the same problem as I suspect many bloggers, or come to think of it, old men at the corner of any pub bar. This is that I can't see how people can have views different to mine. With politics it seems so obvious to me, so how come others don't see it?

Could it be that I am like one of those old testament prophets that are not listenned to? Could it just be my views are so out of kilter with everyone else? Why do I feel like the boy who could see that the Emperor was naked and not in his new set of clothes. I suspect I have at least part of the reason.

I left the UK in 1973 and led a Peter Pan like existence working around the world. I didn't have to grow up again until 1995 when I stopped travelling. I missed the Thatcher years. I missed the rise of Blair and New Labour. In fact it's "Life on Mars" in reverse. I went to sleep in 1973 and woke up in 1995.

A small side note - I saw "Life on Mars" for the first time at the end of last year. I was missing some of the humour as I didn't realize things weren't done that way anymore.

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