Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Klong Footpaths

Over the last six months or so most days I walk for 50-90 minutes. This isn't because I'm that keen on exercise. Like many others I have no real choice if I want to get well again. Not that I'm that unwell, but this I will explain later when I want to bore anyone unluckily enough to be reading this blog.

A klong is a Thai canal and from now on I will use klong instead of canal. I live in Bangkok suburb that has many klongs or various sizes. In some places the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), the city council, have put footpaths on the side of the klongs. These paths are not continuous and are to serve the communities that live along the klongs. Below you can see paths on both sides of this rather large klong. Enough for the first post. Maybe tomorrow I will tell why the walking and why on the klong footpaths.

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